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Postpartum Services

Services aimed to heal YOU! Using traditional understandings while incorporating gentle, trauma informed and inclusive care. Some services can be done both in office or at your home, while others are only done in office.


Please note I only offer home support  service within a 15 mile radius of 90706.

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Postpartum Support $1,500.00

  • 5-in person visits

  • 1 Virtual visit (prenatally)

In person visit duration: 2-3 hours long​


Placenta Medicine

  • Package A: $350. Capsules with cord keepsake​

  • Package B: $400 Capsules with tincture and cord keepsake


Placenta encapsulation involves the dehydration and encapsulation of the placenta for consumption. Potential benefits include:

  • Hormonal Balance: Helping to alleviate postpartum mood swings and hormonal fluctuations.

  • Nutrient Replenishment: Placenta encapsulation is believed to be rich in nutrients like iron and protein, which could potentially help replenish the postpartum body after childbirth.

  • Increased Energy Levels: Increased energy levels during the postpartum period, helping combat fatigue.

  • Lactation Support: May assist in boosting milk supply

Pick up of placenta from home, birthing center or hospital with encapsulation in a sacred and gentle manner when placenta is born. Delivery of pills and cord keepsake to your door within 48-72 hours


Postpartum Belly Binding $150.00

Additional Wrapping Services $75.

Special 3 sessions for $275

Postpartum Belly Binding is a traditional practice done in many cultures during La Cuarentena, postpartum quarantine. In Latin America, La Cuarentena refers to the sacred postpartum period of 6 weeks, also known as the First 40 Days, and the 4th Trimester. Belly Binding is done on folks to support their healing.

Postpartum Belly Binding with elastic bandages can be done as soon as 4 hours postpartum. Elastic bandages are helpful because they are gentle and can be worn several hours a day. They are versatile and do not cause restriction to breathing or movement.

Benefits of Belly Binding:

  • Supports uterus returning to normal size

  • Minimized postpartum bleeding

  • After birth contraction relief

  • Reduces postpartum internal organ swelling

  • Encourages internal organs to migrate to their original place

  • Provides posture support during breastfeeding

  • May assist correction of diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles)

  • Gives the birthing person a sense of security and ”togetherness"

One healing binding session that includes belly massage, bone holding and15 min energetic healing (if time allows). Also includes one additional bandage wrap and training for support person on how to rebind.


Closing/ Cerrada Ceremony

$300 In home

$150 In office (does not include bath nor pelvic steam)

2-3 hour visit

Energetic body work to support the closing of a cycle.

2-3 Hours depending on place of closing


  • Heart to heart platica (talk) to process the closing

  • Pelvic/Yoni steam with personalized herbs (only with home visit)

  • Ritual bath with personalized herbs (only with in home visit)

  • Bone adjustment

  • Gentle massage

  • Closing with rebozo

  • Belly Binding


C-Section Scar Remediation Session

$150.00 Office Visit

Gentle, trauma informed care will be utilized as I use a heated healing abdominal massage with castor oil to address scar tissue, adhesions or cysts.

Platica (talk) included to help process emotions that might come up. 

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