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Black-Indigenous-People of the Global Majority- Lending Library

A lending library funded with the mutual support of the community for the community


From the Top

The idea of a lending library came to Miriam as she sat hunched over in her designated kitchen corner turned-office after a long study period. At the end of their first term within MCU, a midwifery school with predominantly White students, Miriam called out for a little hope to keep pushing forward in the upcoming term. The call out returned as an idea to encourage her own community to support BIPOC student midwives, so that both the community and the students can remember their sense of responsibility to one another and remember the sense of reciprocity that was the way of life for our ancestors. 

"Through the lending library, I hope that students like myself, feel a little less alone, on this path that can feel so desolate; As with every book comes an encouraging pat from one person to the other".

Where we are now

Via continous community fundraising, the lending library is officially supporting BIPGM student midwives attending MCU that reside within the state of California. Funds raised help cover the cost of new or used books as well as packaging and mailing cost. The library's first book was purchased and lent out in the spring of 2022. Our hope is that we spark inspiration in other states for more lending libraries.

Meet The Team

Sonia and Miriam met through Unveiling the Journey, a Mentorship for Aspiring Midwives facilitated by CPM Blanca Tema Mercado. In which they cultivated a sisterhood, despite the distance between them, and now support each other as student midwives. Together, Sonia and Miriam volunteer their time to manage, raise funds for, and maintain the lending library.


Miriam Torres (she/they)

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Miriam is a cis-queer full spectrum birthworker and student midwife residing on unceded Tongva Land.


Sonia Lizama

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Sonia is a cis-het full spectrum birthworker and student midwife residing on Ohlone


Interested Student Midwives 

• Do you consider yourself to be part of the global majority (BIPOC)? 
•Are you currently enrolled as a student within Midwives College of Utah?
•Do you live in the state of California?
•Do you need support accessing school books?

If you answered "yes" to all these questions Apply here 

Books are limited and lending will be prioritized based on the need of the student.

Email us today! 



Interested in Supporting?

  • Monetary contributions can be made via the following:


Venmo: Luceru

(please include "lending library" in the comments)

You can find an updated text book list for MCU students here or by going to and clicking on "current students" and then "textbook list"

Your contributions will directly support  the advancement of Midwives of the global majority, increasing representation within our communities.   

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