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"From having my first child to my last, Miriam has been a source of knowledge and healing. She made placenta capsules and tincture from my placenta. The pills were a blessing when I had my low hormonal peaks and when my milk supply started to dwindle. I was, and still use this for my daughter when she was teething or during sickness. September 2020, I birthed a baby boy and of course she was encouraging and helped me unleash my inner strength to be able to have a vaginal birth after c section. Due to the pandemic she was not in the hospital with me, but was available at all times. After I had my son she performed  healing energetic massages and helped me with post partum care. her hands are those of healing energy. She is caring and brings with her powerful and nurturing words and food to help heal and guide through the birth journey."

Migdalia Thompson

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